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Generation-2 Xenon-129 Stopped-Flow Hyperpolarizer

Overall description. After completion of the first-generation device (installed in Patz Lab, Brigham and Women's Hospital, in 2012), our work has been focused on the generation-2 device for production of hyperpolarized 129Xe gas using stopped-flow method under high-pressure of the Xe/N2 gas mixture in the optical-pumping cell. The construction of this device has been completed and two devices have been installed at Wayne State University (Chekmenev Lab) and University of Nottingham (Barlow Lab). The ongoing work is focused on the quality assurance of this device, which will be used in the future clinical trials. This web-page will contain device description, manuals, software, etc.

Ongoing work: As of February 2020, we have completed pilot quality assurance study. We are now working on the feasibility studies of continuous-flow high-pressure SEOP. We will also be using this device for in vivo imaging of sheep to detect acute lung injury in sheep. This project is under negotiation with DOD. We will use 0.35 T MRI scanner for this work. This MRI scanner (Time-Medical, China) will enable imaging of protons and Xenon-129.

Relevant publications:

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1) Kea2 spectrometer manual with spectrometer settings: Kea2 manual.PDF

2) QPC Test Laser Report after repairs 06/06/2019: QPC report 2019.PDF

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